ICM 1/35 WWI Italian Infantry in Armor (35721)

This time we are going to talk about ICM 1/35 WWI Italian Infantry in Armor (35721). As you can guess, new set continues series of the WWI sets in popular scale. Such offer should be interesting as solo build or maybe as part of some diorama project. There are 51 parts for four figures. Let's open this box and take a closer look together.
By the way, here you can read review with another WWI set in the same scale.
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Watch this video where I show all parts even closer.

We are going to start with figures parts. Here you will see a typical parts division, all poses are pre-defined, so you won't be able to change much.

Nevertheless, ICM supplies huge amount of various equipment. Of course, you don't have to use all of these items at once, so some can stay for the next builds. On the photo below you can see some armor parts which will be used with soldiers.

Assembly manual is typical for this brand. I show it closer in the video-review.

Today's set should be already available for purchase. In my opinion it is a great choice for those modelers who would like to have some unusual build in popular scale. Moreover, it is nice to see that WWI topic is not forgotten and we still get some fresh sets. I see those four soldiers as part of simple diorama - just add some base and you will get an interesting scene with four guys in unusual equipment.
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  • Nice molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • Equipment in the box


  • No alternative poses

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