Flyhawk 1/700 HMS Lance (FH1115S)

This review is dedicated to Flyhawk 1/700 HMS Lance (FH1115S). I have to note that we deal here with a Deluxe Edition which features some extra bonuses for more impressive look. All these things come for free, and that might be enough to build a great copy of the ship. Packaging is typical for this brand, each frame comes in separate plastic bag. Moreover, boxart should give you an idea on what to expect inside. Let's open the box and check everything together.
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We are going to start with large parts for the deck and hull. It is good to see them as one-piece elements, not some strange assemblies.

Small frames come with tiny parts. Here you will find turrets as well as lifeboats. Molding quality is just excellent.

Superstructures come as one-piece elements. This should make assembly easier and maybe you can paint them separately.

Masts come as really thin parts. This should be up to scale, but will be tricky to clean and separate.

This kit is full of really tiny parts, so be ready for this and have the right tools. I would say it is definitely not a kit for older modelers.

I would recommend to use plastic saw for separating all those tiny parts. Don't use cutters unless they are really sharp ones.

Now we can start with all extras which are coming in Deluxe Edition. First of all you can see several PE frets together with metal barrels. These are also tiny parts, so it is better to have PE bender and applicators.

One more fret comes with decals sheet. Printing quality is good and you get all the necessary symbols and flags.

Just like previous kits from Flyhawk, this one features boxart picture as the special card. Assembly manual is shown on the photo below. You can check all pages in the video-review.

Today's kit should be already available for purchase. In my opinion it is a perfect chance for all naval modelers who would like to work on something really sophisticated. Don't underestimate it - kit might be beginner's hell, so it is better not to go for it without all necessary skills. If you are ready for such challenge then I would recommend to get the model while you can. It is great to see Flyhawk doing such masterpieces and it completely deserves its money.


  • Excellent molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • PE and metal parts included
  • Great decals


  • Might be tricky for beginners due to size

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