Helion and Company Hunt for the U-2 (3)

Hi! Today's review is dedicated to Helion and Company Hunt for the U-2. I guess it is not difficult to understand what is the main topic of the new book. Krzysztof Dabrowski decided to take a detailed look at history of the famous aircraft. We will be able to read here about interceptions over various countries and how U-2 operated. New publication is part of "Europe at War" series. This is already third book in the mentioned collection. Printing format is still the same - softcover with high quality color print. In total there are 72 pages inside. Let's open new book and take a closer look.
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First of all we are going to check contents page. There are nine separate chapters plus bibliography and notes. As you can see, author gradually introduces us to U-2 and then moves on to various events.

Moreover, inside you will find various maps which will give you better understanding of U-2 operation strategy. Book also covers less-known combat engagements with U-2.

Of course, publisher included several profiles with various aircraft which were engaged in a hunt for the famous U-2. This is not a full-fledged camouflage gallery, but it still might be handy for modelers who would like to get some ideas for their builds.

Price is set at 17GBP what sounds ok for such publication. In one book you will get a first detailed cross-examination of various related documents and recollections. Whole format is easy to read and it is good to see many various illustrations inside. In my opinion author did a great job of preparing a book which will be equally interesting both for history fans and modellers. Moreover, it is great to see more and more information uncovered about such special aircraft.

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