Special NAVY 1/72 CV-707 Vesikko (SN72004)

Today we have a chance to check Special NAVY 1/72 CV-707 Vesikko (SN72004). Yes, you guessed it right, we get big scale submarine from Czech manufacturer. Such build might be interesting for naval modelers who would like to work on something more substantial. Moreover, there should be some additional bonuses included in form of metal and resin parts. Let's open this large box and take a closer look together.
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We are going to start with large hull parts. You have to combine four large elements which are shown on the photo above and below. These parts are also quite heavy, so be careful while joining them.

External features look fine and the only thing you can add here - some preshading in order to bring those out.

Keep in mind that we deal with "interior-less" kit which will let you focus on external features instead. As far as I know, there will be separately sold resin sets from CMK, which will copy various internal sections.

Top deck parts come as large thing panels. Note also small guiding elements which should come handy for easier assembly.

Superstructure should be glued out of two halves. Again, there are not that many external features, just like on the real subject.

Here you can see some other parts for external elements. Molding quality looks great, so there are no visible issues.

Thin masts and railings come as plastic parts which should be relatively easy to install. Just be careful while separating them off the frame.

Yes, there are also some metal parts included. They should be handy for fine detailing of your model.

That's not all, because kit also features resin parts. Casting quality looks great and these elements are a bit more fine in comparison with plastic.

Decals sheet is printed in nice quality. Assembly manual is typical for this brand. You can check all pages in the video-review.

First of all I have to note that big scale submarine looks unusual to say the least. Not every modeler has the space to display such build. Believe me, finished kit should look impressive even in out-of-the-box version. This is definitely not a kit for beginners, but professionals will be able to combine all three materials - metal, plastic and resin - together and get a nice-looking U-boot.


  • Big scale
  • Nice molding quality


  • Might be tricky for beginners

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