Miniart 1/35 Soviet Roadsigns WW2 (35601)

This review is dedicated to Miniart 1/35 Soviet Roadsigns WW2 (35601). Name says it all - one box will bring you a set of various signs in popular scale. Such thing might come handy for diorama builders, so I decided to check closer its contents. Packaging is typical for this brand, all parts come sealed in one bag. Let's open it and take a look.
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To be honest, I was surprised with amount of frames inside this box. One might think that these are just signs, but look how many sprues we get here.

One kit carries different signs, so it can be handy for several projects at once. Molding quality looks clean and should be easy to work with.

Large wooden poles are also here. I would recommend to play with weathering on these in order to get even more realistic appearance.

Decals sheet comes from Decograph, so you don't have to worry about the quality. Rear side of the box carries assembly manual which is combined with marking guide.

Today's set should be handy for all diorama builders who would like to add some fine touches. Small signs should be easy to notice, so it is just a matter of deciding which one you need. Moreover, I am sure that such set will be handy for several builds unless you use all at once. Plastic will be easy to assemble, so I recommend set for all diorama builders.
You can get this and other kits on official Modelimex website.
Text and photos by Katarina M.

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